Customer Service

We provide a best in class customer service to unique business like yours.

We care about your needs and expectations. We design tailor made courier and delivery solutions. Just ask us and we will find a solution to meet your business needs.

Whether you ship daily or monthly, one express document or a truckload at a time, we will create the best solution for your business.

Innovative Solutions

We work outside the box looking at your shipping needs and processes from a unique customer centric angle.

We will work with you to streamline your processes, improve your solutions and save you time, effort and money.

By having a detailed understanding of your shipping profile and needs, we will establish shipping solutions with our approved world  class carriers that solve your shipping needs, enabling you to focus on your business.

Technology is key in today’s shipping process. WebShip is our own unique shipping portal that allows you to choose between multiple carriers and services.

Save on Your Shipping Costs

You get a premium service without the premium price.

We combine the volume from all of our customers and negotiate significant discounts with our world class carriers and pass this on to our customers.

Our carriers do all the pick-ups and deliveries, we provide you with the best in class customer service.

One call ships all. No more wasted time in reviewing options for shipping solutions, searching for rates and comparing delivery times. We are your extended shipping department that will do all the legwork for you.