• Our customer goals and requirements are our priority
  • We abide by our 10 Corporate Principles
  • Local managers who speak the language, understand the culture and have local market expertise
  • We value all of our clients equally and are committed to deliver on our promise
  • We embrace and adhere to PCI, PDPA and DNC regulations in all markets
  • Specialists for hotel loyalty marketing programmes, with strong in-house marketing talents
  • Supported by sophisticated technology platforms such as GMSuite and GMStudio, our proprietary solutions which allow full transparency in real time

Marketing Solutions

Our dedicated marketing solutions span the full value chain from the development of membership databases for loyalty programmes to nurturing incremental revenue streams for clients through frequent, recurring membership usage. These solutions are enabled by a suite of state-of-the-art software that is custom designed in-house to administer all aspects of the loyalty programme.

Contact us to find out how our loyalty programme can help you drive F&B revenue, through a comprehensive discovery session, assessing the unique opportunities within your hotel.

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