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Our Corporate Social

At GMS Group, we take our responsibility as a good corporate citizen seriously and we work hard to make a positive difference to our community.

At GMS Group, we recognises that a company’s success is not solely based on business accomplishments, but also by incorporating sustainable practices in our operations and investments in our communities through our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Corporate Principles

Corporate Principles

Call them mandates, mantras or even commandments. At the heart of GMS Group’s make-up and built into our DNA are our 10 Corporate Principles. They define the way we treat our colleagues and clients, and the way we approach work – with respect, fairness, integrity and dignity.

Things work better with empowered people and excellent processes. Our 10 Corporate Principles ensure that both our people and procedures combine to deliver optimum results that fulfil pre-set objectives.

Our Vision

To be the most professional and ethical provider of sales and marketing services in whatever arena we work. To achieve this means providing outstanding levels of service, constant innovation and value, in a caring, empowered and motivating environment.


GMS Group believes in giving back to the local communities in which we operate. Our primary area of focus is children and education, and over the years, we have had many opportunities to help make a difference through donations in both cash and kind. We also make contributions to the Red Cross to aid its disaster relief programmes.

GMS Group will continue to do its part to enhance life, and the well-being of those in need.

Child Cancer Fund
Contact: Carla Montgomery
(904) 396-4223
The CHILD Cancer Fund helps local children and families for 20 years.

Jacksonville, FL. – August 8, 2014 - The CHILD Cancer Fund, a local non-profit organization in Jacksonville, FL. is observing 20 years of assisting children and their families through the challenges of a childhood cancer diagnosis and treatment. A group of local parents whose children were affected by cancer started the non-profit organization in 1994 to provide educational, financial and support services. CHILD is an abbreviation for caring, hoping, involving, loving and doing.

According to Laura L. Ferrante, Esq., a founding member, “We started out as a grass roots organization to help parents navigate the frightening and confusing world of cancer,” said Ferrante. “Twenty years later, we help families from the date of their child’s diagnosis every step of the way of this difficult journey. It is very personal and rewarding to help these families during a stressful and difficult time,” she said.

The CHILD Cancer Fund provides a grant for a Child Life Specialist position at Nemours Children’s Clinic in Jacksonville. The position provides opportunities for play, learning, and self-expression activities designed to minimize the anxiety of cancer treatment, while filling a vital role on the child’s healthcare team. School re-entry services are provided to help educate teachers and classmates about the disease and to ensure a smooth transition back to school for the sick child.

The Fund now offers support services to help families with the emotional, educational, and practical assistance they need to make it through the difficult experience. The Financial Assistance program, with the help of social workers at Nemours and Wolfson Children’s Hospital, helps families with housing costs, utility bills, auto loans, food, gas, and other expenses that medical insurance doesn’t cover.

Additionally, the CHILD Cancer fund sponsors a Family Retreat Weekend at a medically-safe camp. The weekend allows families to escape the rigors of treatment, enjoy life as a family, and meet others facing similar circumstances. This year, the Spiller Educational Support program was launched to provide funds for tutoring services. Many children battling cancer miss a great deal of school or are affected by the cancer or treatment itself creating learning disabilities. Unfortunately, when a child is diagnosed with cancer, families face a decrease in income due to the devoted time required to care for their sick child and medical expenses. The program is designed to provide the funding necessary to give these kids a fighting chance to stay in school and promote to the next grade level with their peers.

CHILD Cancer Fund is located at 4811 Atlantic Boulevard in Jacksonville, FL. For more information, contact Carla Montgomery at (904) 396-4223. Visit the website at www.childcancerfund.org.

The Martlets
Contact: The Martlets Hospice
01273 273400

Martlets Hospice cares for people affected by terminal illness living in Brighton & Hove on the south coast of England. It offers residential and day services together with care for people in their own homes. Established in 1997, Martlets now helps over 2,700 people every year. A specialist team of doctors and nurses supported by hundreds of local volunteers provide care and support for the dying and help their families cope with the impact of terminal disease such as cancer on their lives. Martlets is a charity and all its services are provided free of charge. It relies on donations to continue its work.

GMS has been very generous to the Martlets by sponsoring the work of one of its counsellors over a number of years. The counsellor provides emotional support to families in crisis when someone close to them is dying. She helps people to express their feelings, identify coping strategies and to move through bereavement into their future lives. The support that GMS provides funds over 350 counselling sessions to over 100 family members every year.